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AussieSim UK & Europe travel sim card
Janelle travelled to London in March 2013, while she was there she used 250MB of data, sent 100 SMS and spent 40mins on the phone. Look how much she saved using AussieSim! To check how much you can save visit our rates & charges page.
  AussieSim Aus Telco* Savings ($) Savings (%)
Calls (40 min) $8.80 $118.00 $109.20 93%
Text (80 sms) $14.00 $75.00 $61.00 81%
Data (250 mb) $112.00 $3,840.00 $3,728.00 97%
* Calculation based on international roaming call, text and data usage charges for international usage by Australian telecommunication providers. Rates are subject to variation.

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AussieSim UK & Europe travel sim card

AussieSim Pack includes: 
  • 1 x AussieSim UK & Europe travel sim card
  • $10 (AUD) credit:
    • $5 Prepaid SIM Credit (Calls, Text & Data)
    • $5 Call Forwarding Credit

Purchase now to receive these benefits:

  • Keep your existing Australian number while in the UK & Europe!
  • Prepaid, so you control your travel costs.
  • No contract, no minimum spend, no hidden charges.
  • Easy and secure options to top up when you need it.

For information on Call, SMS and Data charges please refer to our Rates & Charges page.

I want a sim card for my phone

This SIM card requires an unlocked handset. In most cases network providers will unlock a handset free on request. For more information on unlocking a handset read our FAQ.

$24.95 AUD

I want a sim card and handset

Advantages of bundling with a handset

  • No need to unlock your phone
  • Holds up to two sims
  • Quad band for better reception in low signal areas
  • Cheaper to replace than your current smart phone if lost or stolen

$24.95 AUD

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What type of travel sim do i need?

Your SIM: Standard SIM
Most phones
Micro SIM
iPhone 4 & 4s,
Samsung Galaxy S3,
Samsung Galaxy Note 2,
Nokia Lumia 820
Nano SIM
iPhone 5, 5s & 5c
iPhone 6 & 6 Plus,
iPad Mini,
iPad Air
You Need: Combo SIM Nano SIM

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